Stylish outdoor lights for your home

Adequate lighting is desirable not only in the house, but also in front of the front door, on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. Of course, this should not only be bright, but also stylish. It should enrich the ambience
and maybe – depending on the version – also become an eye-catcher.
Of course, the lighting should also match the type of house. You will find all of these requirements in the outdoor lights that we offer in our specialist shops. Put the outside area of ​​your house or apartment in the perfect light, our lights are exactly the right way to do this. If you would like to go one step further and want a light display , we can also offer you the right medium for this.

Outdoor lights for walls or ceilings

Outdoor lights are initially used as wall or ceiling lights to illuminate the area around the front door, patio door or on the
To brighten the garage. To ensure that such a lamp not only looks practical but also very stylish, the manufacturers have come up with a lot of things
come up with. Not every customer wants an eye-catching design; sometimes less is more. This is also the case with the cut one wall light from, which we offer you here in our online shop. It is simple and simple and impresses the viewer with its puristic design. The function of this outdoor light is excellent, which is achieved not only by the light source, but also by the shape.

You will find a completely different form of wall light in the Dioscuri Parete Soffitto model. The highlight of this outdoor light is that it can also be installed as a ceiling light. Here Artemide has really proven once again that modern design and functionality go together. With such a lamp you can create a light production
perform, whether they are in several sizes as a ceiling light or as a
Attach a wall light. If the shape of choice is not round but square, you can choose the Edge Parete Soffitto wall and ceiling light, also from Artemide.

Light production in the garden

The light production offers two advantages. First and foremost, it attracts attention as an eye-catcher and also brightens up the desired room or outdoor area. Spectacular-looking lighting objects are not only used in the rooms, but also in the front yard, garden or other outdoor area. Bollard lights are possible media, and floor lights also create striking points of light. Illuminate trees from below and see the perfect light display in any weather condition or season. A bollard light, which is available from us in many different styles, also sets striking points.